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Simple & flexible pricing built for everyone

Choose The CountLab for a true, all-inclusive turnkey solution : no upfront investment

Equipment and software installation

Insightful comparative counting metrics

Easy integration with your internal systems

Customer support and training

Device monitoring & maintenance

key performance of people counting system | prestazioni chiave del sistema di conteggio delle persone

Key Performance Indicators

All the performance indicators you need are presented in a simple and user-friendly interface, allowing you to make the right decisions at the right time.

  • Track performance in real time
  • Recommended actions
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Executive reports

Understand your customers behavior at a glance

Our analytics software is a flexible tool to gain a clear understanding of your customers’ movements. Each level of management gains useful information to make good decisions, make a difference in your company and ensure sustainable growth.

  • Identifies heat zones
  • Calculates average time spent in each zone
  • Counts the number of stops per zone
  • Allows improved merchandizing, marketing strategies and customer support

Make your life easier with our powerful software

We have ready-made templates that retailers can use in our software to gain the necessary insights to enhance their strategies.

powerful software for foot traffic counter | potente software per il conteggio del traffico pedonale
powerful software for foot traffic counter 2 | potente software per il contapassi 2

Simple & flexible pricing built for everyone

Start with our evaluation kit. Upgrade the system in anytime.

Retail Essential

A basic package with a single people counter at the store entrance

Retail Enterprise

A comprehensive solution that includes entrance counting as well as in-store analytics to provide deeper insights into customer behavior.

High precision counting of people entering and exiting

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